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Idris Veitch a Jamaican-born artist who works with digital collage and mixed media. His body of work has been shown in solo and collaborative exhibitions in Nigeria, Japan and Jamaica, and also featured in online and printed publications including Nataal, African Digital Art, Vogue Girl Japan and Buzz Caribbean. 


His journey into digital collage/mixed media started during research for his graduation collection in Tokyo where he was attending fashion school. Being half-Nigerian with very little familiarity of that side of his family, he began an intentional line of inquiry into those previously neglected facets.


This time marked a turning point for him as he discovered collage as a form of self-expression. After graduation he continued to elaborate on the themes of intercultural fusion with a series of digital collages titled “African Masks X Ukiyoe”. This series combined masks from different regions in Africa with ukiyoe, a genre of Japanese art created using woodblock prints. 


Veitch’s current body of work represents a natural evolution with a combination of bright colours, contrasting elements and nods to Afrofuturism. In his own words, “This series started as a protest towards negative stereotypes and experiences that I internalized during my stay in Japan. With each print I was able to dive into different worlds, and it also became a constructive means of escape”.



Masters of Arts in Adult Teaching
(pending graduation)

The Mico University College
Kingston, Jamaica

Certificate of Completion - Fashion Design (2016)

Esmod Fashion School
Tokyo, Japan

Certificate of Completion - Fashion Design (2009)

Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts
Kingston, Jamaica

Bachelor of Arts - Management Systems (2006)

Eckerd College
St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A


"Is This Good Art?" (2021)

Group Exhibition
Grovesnor Galleries
Kingston, Jamaica

Reloading... (2021)

NFT/In Person Group Exhibition

Art X Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria

*COLLECTED* (2020)

Solo Exhibition

The Hive
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan



Solo Exhibition
Kingston, Jamaica


Solo Exhibition

Parades Gallery

Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan

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