photo by Chris Lewinson

Idris Veitch a Jamaican born artist who works around collage, textile print designs and illustrations. He is currently living in Tokyo, Japan.


His influences are based around the theme of identity. His time spent growing up in his home country, living in America and currently in Japan meant having to embrace a many number of customs and practices. Talking about his experiences: “Living in three different countries, I spent a lot of time as an outsider observing and adapting accordingly". Learned behaviours piled on each other to create a mix that sometimes overlapped and at other didn’t go together. This notion of mixing and matching has had an impact on the way he approaches design. "I always been interested mixing things that are usually kept separate to make something new.”


His series “African Masks X Ukiyoe” and “Empress” takes aspects from both Japanese and African cultures. It is a way to show parallels rather than differences between two radically different cultures.

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